About Me

Who Am I?

First I would like to introduce myself I am Bree Arnett, my husband Dr. Jesse Arnett and our 3 children Jesse Arnett 17years old, Marcus Arnett 16years old, and our daughter and huge animal enthusiast Mandolin Arnett 13 years old. We have decided to fill our home and lives with much joy from raising and caring for our animals. Frenchies are a wonderful breed they are sincerely a joy to have in your life we take much pride into loving what we do so that your new Frenchie is smart and wonderful as the breed is meant to be to the people that love them. Frenchies are very comical of the canine family they do well with others but can have moments of wanting to be the only child, maybe like myself I am a only child, i was raised showing horses and also had many other animals on the farm that were my best friends. We would love to have you think of us as part of your family if you choose one of our babies
  • Our Frenchies are hand pick from breeders around the world we look for the highest quality for your family or small breeding program

  • We will be there every step of the way from introducing your new Frenchie to the family or helping you with breeding information

  • My goal is to be able to create the highest quality Frenchies in exotic colors with beautiful comfirmation and temperment for your family

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